Mike Holmes: Trends worth building on in 2019

More modular building

"Modular building has been trending for a while, and I think it will continue to grow this year. While for many, the phrase “modular home” calls to mind a double-wide trailer home, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I love modular builds for a few reasons. Because the homes are built in an indoor facility, you’re not worried about construction delays due to weather. This also means building materials aren’t exposed to the elements without proper protection. Building materials that are left out in the rain, and aren’t able to dry properly can lead to problems with mould and rot down the line.

This also means less wasted material at the end of a build, meaning a modular home generally creates less construction waste than a traditional build. Once the homes are completed indoors, they’re transported to their site."

Third Line partners with Quality Homes to produce our proprietary

designs in their precision built factory.  

  • Reducing overall construction times especially at a time when trades in this area are spread thin

  • Eliminating weather related on-site issues

  • Eliminating construction waste

  • Phase One will be completed in the factory

  • Phase Two will be completed on site

  • Ensuring close date is locked

In addition to Tarion's 7 year homeowners warranty, Quality Homes has an extended 10 year warranty.