To Future Home Owners: 


We want to thank Third Line Homes for our new home. From experience we know that every construction project has its’ challenges but we are very pleased with the quality, healthiness and level of workmanship of the finished product.

Our dream home project started with some specific goals, that the house be around a courtyard, be a healthy home for those with respiratory chronic illnesses, have a low carbon footprint, and in a community close to nature. 


When we saw the Third Line advertisement in the Globe and Mail it had met these criteria, and had drawings of homes with a modern architecture design, plus had passive solar green technology so we were keenly interested.


When we visited the development the nature of Durisol walls were explained and demonstrated in the show home. Combine that with the forward thinking of having heated concrete floors as the main heating source. This technology is very cost effective and a pleasant heat as it provides a sensation of warm feet, with a refreshing feel to the air. As well the conservation area next to the development provided a private and nature centred home that delights us daily with the wildlife and change of the seasons. 

Third Line homes as a custom home builder handled our design additions, solar panels, and supersized deck with attention to detail and quality in the final outcome. 

As we enjoy our time here in Meaford we look forward to spending many years here.


Peter and Mark

Photo by Linda Mason
TerraceWood home owner

The record cold February of 2015 started our search for a better way of building a home. We are confident we have found the better way via Third Line Homes.  


Third Line Homes is building a home for us that hits in all the right places.  Harnessing the principles of thermal mass, passive solar heat capture, hydronic heated floors, modern design by Black Lab Architects and constructed of Durisol, this home is whisper quiet, draft free, well insulated, well engineered and crafted with diligence and care.

Our experience to date has not only affirmed our trust that the home would be a “better built home” but exceeded our expectations in all aspects of completion.  


The people that make up Third Line Homes are a joy to be involved with and Meaford has grown on us very quickly.  We have already met some future neighbours and look forward to the community that lies ahead. 


                                                                                                              Proud owners of Lot 11

We have been very satisfied with our home that is being built for us in Meaford by Third Line Homes


We have been very impressed with the way all the staff have treated us and have respected our input in the sometimes complicated building process


We also appreciate the obvious detailed planning  and  very high quality of materials used throughout our home.


At each phase of the build it is evident that the Third Line team is fully passionate and committed to this special enclave of homes.  

                                                                          - Sharon & Fayard /  Lot 10